This is Youth Work: Stories from Practice

Current cuts to the statutory and voluntary sectors are decimating youth work services and destroying thousands of youth work jobs. This is happening in part because many politicians and policy-makers, national and local, do not fully appreciate the subtle and long-term ways in which youth workers support young people and contribute to their development. There is also insufficient understanding of how, in the process, youth workers meet public policy goals such as responding to "anti-social behaviour" and keeping young people in education.

To promote greater understanding of youth work, the In Defence of Youth Work campaign (IDYW) has been collecting youth workers' accounts of youth work practice. These demonstrate its distinctive way of working with young people and the impacts this can have on lives of young people and their communities. IDYW has also been filming young people's own accounts of why they go to youth clubs and other youth work facilities and why they value their youth workers. With support from Choose Youth partners Unison and Unite, IDYW has brought these stories together as a book and DVD entitled "This is Youth Work".

IDYW is circulating copies of the book and DVD to politicians and other key policy makers to support national campaigning against cuts to young people's services. The book and DVD also provide useful resources to use in local campaigns to help convince local policy-makers to continue to fund these services and jobs and to help increase public awareness of the importance and value of youth work. For example the DVD will especially be effective in getting young people to air their views and consider how they can defend their club or project.

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