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In the meantime here are the action points we suggested at the meeting that would really help:

  1. Declare your individual and or organisational support for Chooseyouth if you have not already done so by writing simply to Kerry Jenkins -  It doesn't cost anything and you name will simply be listed as a supporter.
  2. As soon as you can write to your MP whoever they are and ask them if they support a statutory Youth Service. Let Chooseyouth know what they say.
  3. In May write to your MP and ask them if they will be supporting the Ten Minute Bill on the Youth Service.
  4. Immediately Write to Angela Raynor MP requesting that the Youth Service be made statutory and put within the National Education Service that Labour are proposing.
  5. Get ready to lobby your MP again and get busy on Social Media when the Ten Minute Rule Bill is put on June 6th by Lloyd Russell Moyle MP.
  6. Write immediately to Cat Smith MP who is consulting on the implementation of a statutory youth service, saying you support a statutory youth service and giving any reasons why and what it might look like.

All of this will make a difference at this critical time.

As well at the need for us all to get behind the 10-minute-bill on the Youth Work Act being presented on the 6th June, we are imploring everyone to sign up as a supporter to the campaign that has fought hard for a better legal platform for youth work since it launched its manifesto in early 2013.

Other opportunities exist for us to build on, including inputting to the conversations on Labour’s proposed National Education Service and upcoming discussions on youth services being held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs through June and July.

Please contribute and participate.

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