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Affiliate to the ChooseYouth Campaign!

Affiliaition to the campaign is free and you will have the opportunity to share resources, attend regular meetings and help to shape policy.

Frances O'Grady says "The Youth Service in Britain was pioneering. It gave voice, recognition and inspiration to generations of young people, supporting their personal and social education outside of work and school hours. Educationalists from overseas have been shocked to see such an excellent service pulled apart since 2010. In many areas of the country the Youth Service no longer exists at all. In most others it has suffered the highest proportionate levels of cuts of any public service.

Chooseyouth’s manifesto which represents trade union, professional, voluntary sector and young people’s views, provides a credible solution for a future government to rebuild and create a new Youth Service secure in statute and vibrant in every neighbourhood.

The magnificent campaigning that young people have brought to ChooseYouth needs the support or all of us. We demand a future for a statutory Youth Service.”

Help us to campaign for this future and affiliate NOW.


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