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Petition to give Statutory Protection to Youth Services

Youth services across the UK have been disproportionately cut as a result of the austerity measures introduced by the current coalition government. By 2015, youth service provision may have disappeared entirely in many parts of the country and could certainly be the first public service to disappear.

We have launched a petition that we will be delivering to Ed Miliband, highlighting the very critical state of youth services across the UK. We know this issue is important to him and will be asking him to take the lead and ensure that Labour's commitment to a sufficiently resourced statutory youth service is included in his election manifesto for 2015.

Many have already signed the petition and some of the comments explaining why they think this is an important campaign to support are reproduced below.

Please support this campaign.

Tell as many people as you possibly can about this campaign and encourage others to show their support. We will only be able to affect change if we stand together with a strong voice.


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