Fighting youth service cuts


Concerned about the knock-on effects of ‘devastating’ cuts to the youth service in Devon, George Downs is campaigning to preserve the quality of youth work in the county.


Cardiff Youth Council made this short film as they were concerned about the affects of the £50 million cuts to council services on the children and young people of the city. We would like the decision makers to remember that even in this time of austerity failing to invest in young people today is a failure to invest in the future of Cardiff.


This short film was made back in Dec 13 to highlight that Bradford Youth Service was facing possible funding cuts of 79.4%, meaning many services such as free youth clubs, centres, activities and youth and support workers will be cut leaving thousands of young people without places to socialise in within a safe and secure environment outside of school. Despite a brilliant campaign we have recently learnt that services have been drastically cut.


A short film made by campaigners in Staffordshire shortly before the County Council voted to dismantle the service.


A short film made by young people in Southampton who face losing all their youth services 

Oxford youth workers – three days of action

Save Haringey Youth Service has produced a hard-hitting film about the cuts.

When you take away our youth service, what else will we do?

YFJ Message against the cuts to Youth Services in the UK in solidarity to all attending the ChooseYouth Rally.


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