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Celebrate Youth Work - Rebuild the Youth Service

Our drop in evening for MPs on November 6th was just one of many events that were held in support of the National Youth Agency's Youth Work Week.

Together with Tracy Brabin MP we held a drop-in session which was attended by MPs, young people, youth workers and youth organisations which provided an opportunity for Members to become better informed about the issues facing youth services and the youth workers that deliver them.

Even the Leader of the Labour Party recognised the huge contribution that youth work and youth workers make and sent out this message.

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The Damage to Youth Services Continued...

"Youth services do a vital job in our communities. The benefits they provide for young people are real and long-lasting. While many other public services step in when problems occur, youth services prevent so many of those difficulties from occurring in the first place. Youth services help young people to lead positive lives as members of society." These words come from the introduction of a new report by Unison published this week.

The impact of losing youth services has also been covered by the Guardian today in a story entitled "Disadvantaged teenagers left isolated as clubs and holiday camps are closed" that highlights the very real impact of cuts on the lives of young people, and how cuts to youth services in particular are leaving disadvantaged teenagers "idle and isolated".


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Youth Work and Youth Services: Our Shared Future

ChooseYouth held a special open forum event on April 13th for all youth sector organisations who wished to participate in a shared future for youth work and youth services. We welcomed input from a range of interested parties and will be calling a meeting of the alliance in late September to progress the ideas raised.

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What now for the youth service?

Following the results of the General Election ChooseYouth has had to carefully consider its tactics. If we believe that elected representatives are there to serve the people then we believe that every single MP should be asked to actively support our draft Young People and Youth Service Bill. Politicians seem to have dangerously reversed the idea of democracy and think their mandate comes from their manifestos, none of which incidentally said continue to let the Youth Service rot. All our resolve, all our energy, all our campaigning skills, all our commitment is going to have to be shared and co ordinated and focused in the months ahead or the few remnants of the Youth Service will disappear. We have produced for circulation, debate and action a Young People and Youth Service Bill to "Give a duty to the Secretary of State to promote and secure a sufficient youth service and to impose a duty on local authorities to provide youth services and establish local youth service partners to promote youth participation and engagement."

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Affiliate to the ChooseYouth Campaign!

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Watch Jordan’s story

Youth Services save lives.... this vital service is being demolished and we need to stand together and say no!

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